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Ultra Flex Full- $139.99

The Ultra FLEX Full is all about super light weight and flexible protection for your strike dog.  The Ultra Flex Strike Full consists a layer of 3000D Coated Military Grade Kevlar sandwiched between two layers of 1000D with a Dragon Weave Chest piece.  There is NO felt in this vest.  It comes with Double layered Kevlar Leg Guards and an oversized quick snap D-ring on the collar.   The Ultra Flex Full has prong holes for your TT-15 and TT-15 Mini units.  It is also designed to be used with the Southern Cross "KIG" Kevlar Impact Gel Garmin Protector.  You can add a matching "KIG" when you order for a 50% discount.  Standard Ultra Flex Strike Vests come in Strata pattern.  For other color options please see our custom cut gear builder.  

Custom Cut Gear Builder


The Ultra Flex Full and Ultra Flex Strike were designed to resist a catastrophic blow.  They are meant to minimize damage and help keep the vitals protected from a deathly blow, however, they do not have the same protection level of our multi layered kevlar vests.  They are NOT meant for Catch Dogs or Running Catch Dogs.  The Ultra Flex Full/Strike are single layered kevlar vests with an extremely light- weight design and because of the quality of Kevlar in which we use, they are very resistant to the vast majority of blows.  However, if you have an overly rough or catchy dog we recommend the multi layered Ultra Flex Catch or the SPEC-OPS line.  If you have a dog that will not run in most vests or simply needs a super light- weight attached collar design then the Ultra Flex Strike and Full is a great option for you.

Add KIG Garmin Protector

"KIG" Kevlar Impact Gel Protector $10 Add on

Comes in matching Strata Pattern. 

All new production Ultra Flex Vests will come in Kanati with Black Straps and Binding