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Southern Cross ULTRA FLEX Cut Gear

The ULTRA FLEX line of cut gear was designed by Southern Cross from the ground up to provide the ultimate in light weight protection.  Every aspect of the ULTRA FLEX design was approached from the perspective of making the lightest, most flexible, yet still effective gear possible.  Through nearly two years of development we have finally perfected a streamlined, super flexible and extremely tough line of products that has no equal.   Below we will highlight some of the feautures that make the ULTRA FLEX the top dog in light weight hog dog gear.  This line is for those that want an attached collar, minimalistic vest that protects the vitals but still allows for exceptional movement.   

Available in FULL, STRIKE and CATCH Versions    

Feature Highlight:  "Buckle-less Collar Strap"

Our buck-leless collar strap design reduces weight, improves adjustability and eliminates "hang ups" on fences or thick brush.    

Feature Highlight:  "Integrated Collar System" 

The SPEC-OPS line was the first ever vest/collar system to give you the convenience of an attached collar design without the shortcomings while still allowing for the same full range of movement you get from a separated collar.  This is NOT just a sewn on collar.  "ICS" is a completely integrated collar.  There is no separation or stiffness that is common with sewn on collars.  We have taken this design and applied it to the ULTRA Flex to provide the same great movement and protection.   

Feature Highlight:

"Streamlined Fit"

While other light weight vests fit loose and leave baggy leg holes which are susceptible to snags on limbs or even worse a slip from a cutter, our vests have a streamline fit that that goes with a dogs natural body shape.  This allows for better maneuverability and increased protection.     

Feature Highlight:

"Complete Water Resistance"

Every single layer of this vest comes with a water resistant coating.   While our competitors only use a coated outer shell everything in our vests down to the kevlar is coated and fully water resistant.  

Feature Highlight:

"TT15 Prong Compatible"   

The Ultra Flex Line is completely compatible with all major correction prongs.   

Feature Highlight

"Extreme Cut Resistance" 

Our combination of bi-layered or tri-layered millitary grade 3000D coated kevlar/ "Dragon Weave" creates the highest level of Ultra light weight protection on the market period.

Feature Highlight:

"Oversized Quick Snap D-Ring"

The ULTRA FLEX is all about ease of use.  Thats why we have icnluded an "Oversized Quick Snap D-ring" on the collar.  This allows for easy leading up and releasing without fumbling around for a small d-ring.  

Feature Highlight:

"Attachable "KIG" Kevlar/Impact Gel Tracking Collar Protector" 

The "KIG" Kevlar Impact Gel Garmin Protector is the ultimate in lightweight, non bulky tracking collar protection.  Add one to your Ultra Flex for 50% off its retail pricing.

ADD a "KIG" Garmin Protector to your Ultra Flex vest for only $10 more.  Thats a 50% discount!  ------>


The Ultra Flex Full and Ultra Flex Strike were designed to resist a catastrophic blow.  They are meant to minimize damage and help keep the vitals protected from a deathly blow, however, they do not have the same protection level of our multi layered kevlar vests.  They are NOT meant for Catch Dogs or Running Catch Dogs.  The Ultra Flex Full/Strike are single layered kevlar vests with an extremely light- weight design and because of the quality of Kevlar in which we use, they are very resistant to the vast majority of blows.  However, if you have an overly rough or catchy dog we recommend the multi layered Ultra Flex Catch or the SPEC-OPS line.  If you have a dog that will not run in most vests or simply needs a super light- weight attached collar design then the Ultra Flex Strike and Full is a great option for you.

Ultra Flex Catch


Ultra Flex Full


Ultra Flex Strike


Add KIG Garmin Protector
Add KIG Garmin Protector
Add KIG Garmin Protector

All new production Ultra Flex Vests will come in Kanati with Black Straps and Binding