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SPEC-OPS Full Vest and Collar Combo- $169.99

Nearly 20 years ago Southern Cross revolutionized cut gear with our original vest design and set the standard for what cut gear is capable of.  We have done it again with the all new Southern Cross SPEC-OPS edition.  This vest was designed from the ground up to meet all the needs of the modern day hog dogger.  Hunting styles and techniques have evolved and now we have created a vest to meet those needs.  Lightweight and flexible enough for your strike/bay dogs with enough protection to keep your running catch dog or even a walk in catch dog safe.    

Stocked in SM, MD and LG

XS and XL are made when ordered.  Allow 7-10 days for manufacturing. 

Notice:  All new production Standard SPEC-OPS will be in Woodland Camo Pattern, as pictured below.  We have also changed up the collar from our original design to be more flexible.


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SPEC-OPS Strike- $159.99

All the same great features of the SPEC-OPS full is a short length "Strike" version.  Extreme protection of the vitals in a light weight and extremely versatile package.  Ideal hot environments.   

Stocked in SM, MD and LG

XS and XL are made when ordered.  Allow 7-10 days for manufacturing. 

Notice:  All new production Standard SPEC-OPS will be in Woodland Camo Pattern, as pictured below.  We have also changed up the collar from our original design to be more flexible.

Feature Highlight:  "Integrated Collar System"

One of the biggest design changes with the all new SPEC-OPS line is our Integrated Collar System (ICS).  We have received a lot of requests for collars attached to vest over the past few years and have tested various designs, but all have left something to be desired, until now.  Sewn on collars can detach over time and velcro attachments can become dirty and lose their hold.  With our all new "ICS" design, the vest and collar are one singular piece.  The SPEC-OPS line is the first ever vest/collar system to give you the convenience of an attached collar design without the shortcomings while still allowing for the same full range of movement you get from a separated collar design. 

Feature Highlight:

"Complete Double Kevlar"

Ounce for ounce real deal military grade kevlar is the best protection on the market.  It's light, flexible, and highly cut resistant.  We have covered every inch of the SPEC-OPS line with two full layers of high grade coated military grade kevlar creating some serious boar stopping power.  While no vest from any company can be guaranteed cut proof the SPEC-OPS line is as close as you can get and to date we have not had a single pass through on our personal gear or any of our prototypes.  

Feature Highlight:

"Rigging/Training D-Ring"

For those that like to rig a dog on top of the box we have added a high grade nickel plated d-ring to the chest of the SPEC-OPS line.   No more twisting cut collars or hooking to buckles, just latch and go.  This d-ring serves a secondary purpose of helping to train stubborn dogs not to pull.  There is nothing worse than having a dog drag you through the woods and some will not stop no matter how much you correct them.  Hook your lead to the "Rigging/Training D-Ring" and every time your dog pulls it will just spin them around.  After a few good spins they realize the more the pull the less they go!    

Feature Highlight: 

"Coated Water Resistant Polyfelt Chest Plate"

Our standard Polyfelt already incorporates a water resistant plastic backing, but we have taken things even farther with the SPEC-OPS line by coating it with an all new highly water phobic spray on application.   This special coating has polymers that penetrate the surface of the felt to form a protective barrier around fabric fibers.  Combine this with our coated Kevlar and Cordura and you have a vest that is virtually water- proof.  

Feature Highlight:

"Alpha/Sportdog Compatible"

The SPEC-OPS line was designed with Alpha TT-10, TT-15, TT-15 and Sportdog Training collar users in mind.  Professionally sealed prong holes allow for easy use of these systems.  No more awkward positioning above cut collars or putting your dogs neck in danger running without one to train your dog.  With SPEC-OPS your training collars work seamlessly.  

Feature Highlight:

"Impact Gel Tracking Collar Protector"

With the all new SPEC-OPS line we didn't stop at just providing the best protection available for your dog.  We have also added the highest flexible protection possible for your tracking collar.  With two layers of kevlar and a layer of impact gel sandwiched between two layers of 1000D Cordura, your SPEC-OPS Garmin tracking collar protector keeps the most expensive piece of equipment on your dog safe.    

Feature Highlight:

"Double Kevlar Leg Guards"

Most leg guards are little more than a useless flap.  Not these bad boys.  Two layers over coated military grade kevlar sandwiched between two layers of high grade 1000D Cordura.  It will take one heck of a hit to get through these. Combine that with our max mobility positioning which allows for complete free range of motion and you have the toughest and most effective leg protection on the market.  

Feature Highlight:

"Rear Quick Snap D-Ring"

Need to be able to unsnap a dog and send them quick?  The "Rear Quick Snap D-Ring" gives you quick and easy access to clip and unclip your lead in a hurry. 



"First boar I caught using the SPEC-OPS vest. Ten cuts in vest, none penetrated.  All would have been fatal"

-Joe Mitchell (GA)

Dogs pulled up a 90kg boar this morn. Your plates worked perfectly. My lugger and the pup came out of it without a scratch- which is rare.
Don't have a lot of shots and vid is short cause that boar was giving them a floggin, and they probably would have dropped it, so had to act fast.
One other small note on that pig from this morn. He grabbed on to the leg flap and played tug-o-war with it for a long time. Youll be happy to know that it didn't get torn off. Your sewing is sound. "

-Brain (Japan)