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Disposable Staple Gun PRO- $14.99

Another vital medical supply for any hog dogger!  This has been the go to staple gun for in the field emergency wound closure.  This skin stapler is affordable and simple. It's simplistic design and quality construction provides consistent and reliable performance. It fits comfortably in your hand to enhance control of skin closure and also reduces surgery time.

  • 55 staples preloaded.
  • Individually sterile
  • Lever action staplers are the most popular design on the market
  • Distinctive staple shuttling feature greatly reduces track friction, a primary cause of jamming.
  • Short trigger stroke for ease of use and nonstop feed.
  • Handle design comfortably fits a wide range of hand sizes
  • Angled head allows visibility of incision to ensure precise staple placement during operation.
  • Arrow indicator assists in accurate staple alignment
  • Staple count indicator allows you to view staples remaining to help minimize waste
  • Quality construction and simple design assure reliable consistent performance.
  • Staple lines are more likely to prevent leakage of blood or air. 
  • Blood Stop- $14.99

    16 ounce large bottle blood stop powder.  A must have in any hog dogger's medical kit!  This is a life saver in the field!

    Staple Remover- $4.99

    Versatile single-use skin stapler allows for fast and easy removal of surgical skin staples with minimal discomfort to the patient. Consistent performance by placing the metal tip of the sterile remover underneath the staple and squeezing the handles until they touch and the extractor is fully closed. Once the staple is completely reformed the remover can be lifted from the skin and the staple is removed. Each sterile, single-use instrument is shipped ready-to-use in sealed plastic packaging that's easy to open.

  • Instructions for use included on package.
  • Compatible with all brands of surgical skin staples including those administered with Oasis 35W Wide Skin Stapler and Oasis 35R Skin Stapler skin staplers.
  • Effectively removes staples in same direction they were embedded during surgery.
  • Guaranteed to remain sterile until the expiration date, unless the package has been opened or damaged.
  • Scissors-style for precise handling. Both scissors and tweezer style can be used for any procedure.
  • The removal device is designed to work with either hand.
  • Discard after single-use.
  • Field Med Kit- $49.99

    Everything you need to hit the woods and take care of a dog properly.  This kit has it all!  1-Staple Gun, 1-Staple Remover, Blood Stop Powder, 2-Non-Absorbable Suture, 2-3cc Syringe/Needles, 1-Surgical Scissor, Forcep, 2" x 5yd Flexible Cohesive Bandage, 4-Cotton Swabs, Absorbable Suture, Penrose Drain, 2-Povidine Pads, Pair of Latex Gloves, 4-2" x 75" Gauze Rolls, 4-Cleaning Towelettes, Scapel Handel, Carbon Steel Surgical Blade, Medical Tweezers, 50cc Bulb, Southern Cross Tough Field Bag.     

    NOTICE:  Med Kit Bag color may vary.   If you would a specific pattern please contact us with your desired color via email.  

    Mini Belt Med Kit - $19.99

    The Mini Belt Kit was designed for deep woods emergency care.  This small and conveniently sized Med Kit fits perfectly on your belt and can be carried anywhere.   With the vital supplies to help stabilize a dog suffering from a cut or overheating, this tiny package can literally mean the difference between life and death for your hunting partner.   It contains a Mini Belt Med Bag, Gauze, Vet Wrap, Alcohol Prep Pads, Blood Stop Powder, Non Absorbale Sutures, Absorbable Sutures and a Mini Hemostat.

    NOTICE:  Mini Belt Med Kit Bag color may vary.   If you would a specific pattern please contact with your desired color via email.  

    Sureline Style Skin Staple Handle- $29.99

    In Stock!

    This is one of the most accurate and easy to use skin staplers on the market!  Great for those tough to close wounds in bad areas.  This is the best Skin Stapler we have personally used. (This is the handle ONLY, Staple Cartridges  sold separately)  


    • Reusable autoclaveable handle
    • Ergonomic lightweight pistol-grip handle
    • Trigger with full-stroke ratchet facilitates staple placement

    Sureline Style Skin Staple Refill Cartridge- $21.50 

    In Stock!

    Refill Cartridges for the Sure line Skin Stapler 

    • Cartridge contains 35 316L Stainless Steel Staples with printed staple counter
    • Maxium visibility at the delivery point
    • 360 degree rotation

    Sureline Style Handle/Cartridge Combo- $45

    One Sureline Style Handle and Cartridge bundled together at discount.    

    All New!

    Rotating Head Disposable Staple Gun- $12

    Rotating Head Disposable Staple Gun

    - Contains 20 Staples 

    -360 degree rotation