Southern Cross Cut Gear
Protective Hog Dog Gear


Southern Cross Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

At Southern Cross we believe in standing behind the products we make. We appreciate all of our customers entrusting us to protect your valued canine hunting partners and this is why we offer a LIFETIME manufacturers warranty. That means that if one year, two years or ten years from the time of purchase any part of your gear comes apart or fails as a result of a manufacturing error we will repair or replace the vest for FREE. While most companies offer a limited time warranty, we believe in our materials and manufacturing techniques so much that we will stand behind them for the life of the product.

Lifetime Warranty Terms and Conditions

-Southern Cross will repair or replace any aspect of our gear that comes apart/fails as a result of stitching or faulty hardware. This includes; binding, straps, and buckles.

-Southern Cross is NOT responsible for normal wear and tear that is associated with hog hunting with dogs. Hog cuts, dirt, mud, etc.. are all a part of hog hunting and NOT covered under the lifetime manufacturers warranty.

-If you have an issue with your gear please contact us immediately and we will work to resolve it.


At Southern Cross we pride ourselves on making the best hog dog protective gear possible. However, hog hunting is a potentially dangerous activity and even with the best protection available, nothing can be guaranteed 100% cut proof.  Southern Cross and its affiliates are not responsible for any damage to products or injury/death to dogs that may occur while using our products.