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SC KIG Garmin Collar Protector- $19.99
 Kevlar/Impact Gel Attachable Protection 

The all new "KIG" Garmin Collar Protector is the ultimate in light weight, easy to use tracking collar protection.  Your tracking unit is the single most expensive piece of equipment on your dog and it is the most susceptible to costly damage.  With repairs costing over $100 and new units costing over $250, the "KIG" Garmin Collar Protector is an inexpensive layer of insurance to decrease the odds of a damaging blow.  Your Garmin Wire is protected by a layer of 3000D Military Grade Coated Kevlar sandwiched between two layers of 1000D.  The unit itself has even more protection with an added layer of Impact Gel.  Quit gambling with your tracking units and order yours now.  Compatible with all Garmin Collars.  Prong holes for TT15s, TT10s, and TT15 Minis.   

NOTICE:  The "KIG" is designed with some of the toughest materials and provides exceptional coverage.  In testing we have not seen a single unit busted while utilizing it.  However because of the nature of hog hunting we can not guarantee a unit can't be damaged.  We can guarantee that he "KIG" WILL greatly reduce the possibility of costly damage though.  


Desert Viper

Urban Viper


Prong holes for TT15s, TT10s, and TT15 Minis.   

Kevlar Wire Protector

Available in Desert Viper, Strata and Urban Viper

High Energy Absrobing Impact Gel Unit Coverage