Southern Cross Cut Gear
Protective Hog Dog Gear


                                             Fenix HP25R Headlamp- $79.95

Fenix headlamps are the go to headlamp here at Southern Cross.  We have tested these units hard for the past two years and have been extremely pleased with their durability, comfort and functionality.   Hog Dogging is extremely rough on gear, particularly a headlamp and to hold up to our level of abuse requires a lot.  We have had these submerged in creeks, sunk in mud, covered in dust, dropped on rocks and anything you can possibly imagine.  So far they have never failed us.  

-Patented innovative lamp holder

-Max 1000 lumens and 187 meters beam distance

-Micro rechargeable battery case

-Powered by a 18650 and compatible with two CR123A

-Separate battery case design

-Spot- and floodlights, 90° wide beam angle, 187 meters beam distance

-Dual switches for separate control

Ultra Bright 1800 Lumens Zoomable Headlight- $34.99

  • Very Bright Economy HeadLamp. 
  • Includes Headlamp, 2 rechargeable batteries, Wall charger, Car Charger, Usb cable, User book.
  • Brightness up to 1800 lumens.
  • Zoomable ,Adjustable ,Durable ,Hands-free ,Comfortable. 3 Modes Low, Mid, Strobe.