Southern Cross Cut Gear
Protective Hog Dog Gear


Elite Cut Collar- $59.99 

The Elite Cut Collar is truly the pinnacle of protective collar designs.  Offering complete coverage of not only your dogs neck, but also your tracking unit.  With the average tracking unit costing upwards of $250-300 you truly can not afford to leave them vulnerable.   The Elite Cut Collar is your insurance to both your tracking unit and your dogs life.  This truly is an invaluable piece of equipment for your gear bag.  


Elite Impact Alpha Collar Protector

The Elite Cut Collar offers complete protection from all sides.  Two layers of Kevlar, a layer of ballistics, and a layer of Impact Gel all sandwiched together between two layers of 1000D Nylon.    

Elite Line Full Contact Collar 

This design means your training prongs always maintain contact.  No fighting to line up holes and unreliable connections.  With the Elite Cut Collar your TT15 Tracking collar sits right on your dogs neck just like it was designed.  This also means full functionality for your bark notifier feature.  This design is also compatible with T-5 tracking collars and most major tracking collar designs.  

Elite Buckle Free

The Elite Cut Collar is all about protection and ease of use.  By fitting the tracking collar seamlessly into to the cut collar we have eliminated the need for buckles and straps.  Now your tracking collar buckle and strap are all that you need, leading to a much quicker and intuitive gearing up.  

Elite High Visibility Reflective 

3mm High Gloss Reflective strips provide high visibility to both sides of your cut collar. Designed for enhancing visibility in low light and night time conditions.

Elite Quick Access D-Ring

This rear facing d-ring is positioned perfectly on the back of the neck for quick access leash attachment and release.  

Elite Tracking Collar Wire Protection

The Elite Cut Collar provides two layers of 1000D Cordura, two layers of 3000D Mil Spec-Kevlar and one layer of  1050D Ballistics protection for one of the most vulnerable areas on your tracking unit; the transmitter wire.    

Elite Ease of Use