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Protective Hog Dog Gear


Break Stick- $14.99

Got a hard bitting bulldog or a rough cur?  A break stick is a must have!  The High Density Polyethylene Parting Sticks have are high density, rigid, good impact resistance and abrasion resistance.  Because of its unique molecular makeup, it can't trap odors or harmful bacteria. When it comes to cleanup, cleaning agents simply wash rinse away. It is really easy on your dogs teeth !!!  Available in high visibility White.

Break Stick with Snap- $16.99

We took our ultra tough Break Sticks and added an easy access snap.  Loosing your break stick in the woods is a thing of the past!  Available in Red or White.      

Picture coming soon.    

NOTICE:  Red is currently out of stock.

Belt Break Stick Pouch- $19.99

Tired of loosing your break stick?  Try out our 1000D Ultra Tough Belt Break Stick Pouches.  These rugged pouches keep your break sick secure and available throughout your hunt.   

NOTICE:  Mini Belt Med Kit Bag color may vary.   If you would a specific pattern please contact with your desired color via email.  

Break Stick and Pouch Combo- $29.99

Our High Density Polyethylene Parting Sticks and Belt Break Stick Pouch in a discounted combo package.  

Custom Belt Break Stick Pouch- $22.99

Build your own one of a kind Hunt Tough Belt Break Stick Pouch.  Select your 1000D Pattern and binding color.   Please see the Custom Cut Gear Builder page for 1000D and Binding Color Options.  Please allow 7-10 for manufacturing on custom orders.    

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Binding Color
Cordura Color