Southern Cross Cut Gear
Protective Hog Dog Gear


The Aussie Style Pro Plate is the ultimate Seatbelt/Kevlar chest plate.  Utilizing popular Australian style features such as Seatbelt/Nylon Webbing, Extra Large Leg Holes, and Strike length with American tech such as Kevlar, Southern Cross Mold/Fit, and Tracking Collar Protection.  We have combined the time tested Aussie Style seatbelt/nylon webbing with Mil Spec American Kevlar to create one of the toughest material combinations there is!  2X Kevlar 2X 1000D 1X Cross Layered Seatbelt/Nylon Webbing.  The Aussie Style vest utilizes an open back and collar design for maximum breathability.  Enlarged leg holes for full range of motion and Extra Large Leg Guards for Maximum shoulder protection.  Compatible with all major tracking collars including those with shock/correction capability. While we have utilized some of the features popular to our hog dogger friends across the pond, make no mistake this vest is all American.  American Made, American Fit, American Material and American colors!   

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Aussie Style Seatbelt Bib- $139.99. (Coming Soon)

The Southern Cross Aussie Seatbelt Bib is our take on the Australian Style Seat Belt Boar Bibs.   Designed for rough holding type dogs with maximum mobility.  We have taken the Australian concept and combined it with our American tech to create what we believe is the best of both worlds.  Composed of an inner layer of 1050 Ballistics, American Made Kevlar, 1000D Nylon and an Exterior Layer of Nylon/Seat Belt Webbing.  A single piece vest/collar design with added Garmin tracking collar protection.  This design gives a high level of protection to the vitals while still allowing full leg mobility.