Southern Cross Cut Gear
Protective Hog Dog Gear


The Catch Dog's Creed

"Never let go... Never Quit" That's the Catch Dog's Creed. 

This is for the dogs and hunters out there that will never know defeat. They don't know how to back up, back down, or surrender. For the lucky few that have experienced this rare level of courage, represent with a Catch Dog's Creed Hoodie or Shirt.   

CD Creed T-Shirt- $14.99

Notice- Black T-Shirt


CD Creed Hoodie- $29.99


All New Richardson Style Caps!


Discounted Hats

Available while supplies last

Discount Southern Cross Hat -  $19.99  $14.99

Discount Typhoon SC Hat- $24.99  $19.99

Available in PINK, GREY and RED


Team Southern Cross Koozies- $4.99